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What do you mean there are rules?

Cardinal Property Management - Thursday, August 25, 2011
Written by Farrah Esquer, CCAM, CMCA, AMS, President When you make a decision to move into a homeowner’s association you are agreeing to abide by the Association’s governing documents, which include Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R’s) and Rules and Regulations, which may include pool and parking rules and conduct rules. These rules are in place to benefit the community by helping to promote a harmonious living environment for all the residents. Should you receive a notice of non-compliance in the mail, below are helpful Do’s and Don’ts to guide you. Do
  • Take steps to correct the infraction.  Once corrected, advise Cardinal via email or mail.
  • Call or write Cardinal for clarification if you do not understand the notice.
  • Submit written correspondence to Cardinal for review by the Board of Directors if you wish to dispute the notice,
  • Ignore the notices.  This can lead to continued notices and ultimately a Hearing wherein fines could be imposed.
  • Take offense.  The notices serve as notification and reminders of the established rules and not a personal attack. Please remember that professional and calm communication is essential to properly assist you.
Living in a community association offers many benefits. It is a unique way of life.  It is very important for you to become familiar with the Association’s Rules and Regulations and CC&R’s so you can avoid receiving non-compliance notices. These documents were provided to you when you purchased the property.  If you are renting, you may obtain a copy of the documents from the owner of the property. If you still have questions after you have reviewed the documents, it is always best to contact Cardinal.