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Spring (Get Ready for Summer) Cleaning Tips for Your Community

Cardinal Property Management - Saturday, May 14, 2011

Written by Farrah Esquer, CCAM, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, President

With summer quickly approaching, communities should be getting their Association facilities in tip-top shape in preparation for resident enjoyment.  Patrick O’Brien of Personal Touch Cleaning Services recommends the following services be completed to keep the facilities in sparking condition:

Pool Furniture:  Clean and degrease straps and frames on traditional strap furniture two times  per year. The cleaning and degreasing will protect the furniture from cracking, rotting, and hardening.

Pool/Recreation Area Showers:  Tile shower floors and walls should be cleaned and scrubbed with a phosphoric acid solution and tile and grout should be sealed at least once a year.  Sealing of the tile and grout prevents soil and chemicals from soaking in and causing discoloration.

Restroom Floors:  Tile restroom floors should be cleaned using a floor machine and the tile and grout should also be sealed at least once a year. It is also recommended that floors be refinished every twelve to eighteen months.

Gas Barbecues:  Barbecues should be cleaned two to four times per year by disassembling and removing the racks and scrubbing the inside and the outside with a degreaser. Lava racks or Char-Diam rocks should also be replaced along with barbecue brushes, cables and clamps.

Tile Counters:  Tile counters/barbecue islands should be cleaned and scrubbed with a phosphoric acid solution at least once a year.  A tile sealer should be applied, along with a concrete sealer to any concrete portions, to prevent soil and grease from soaking in and discoloring or damaging the tile and concrete.

Concrete Barbecue Area:  The concrete barbecue area should be power-washed and steam cleaned to remove dirt, grime, oil and weathering stains as much as possible.  A penetrating sealer should also be applied to the concrete area.

Pool Deck:  The pool and spa deck, including the exterior of the restrooms, pump rooms and adjacent walkways, should be power washed and steam cleaned at least once a year to remove built up dirt, grime and weathering stains.

Refuse Containment Area:  The interior and exterior of the refuse containment areas should be power washed and steam cleaned at least twice a year to remove built up food stains, dirt, grime and weathering stains.

All power washing and steam cleaning must comply with EPA and local regulations.  The water used needs to be collected and disposed of in accordance with state and local codes via a reclamation system and adhere to the Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for the new State Water Quality Regulations & Urban Run-Off Pollution Prevention Requirements for Homeowner Associations.

It is recommended that Directors establish an annual maintenance calendar, which includes the scheduled maintenance outlined above at specified time periods throughout the year, in an effort to maintain the property keeping the Association’s budget in mind, and to have the facilities in tip-top shape for the summer months.