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Reaching Annual Meeting Quorum: A Success Story

Cardinal Property Management - Monday, May 7, 2018

Does reaching quorum at First Calling for an Annual Meeting sound like a fairy tale? It doesn’t have to be! Recently the Board of Springhurst Townhomes Homeowners Association was successful at reaching quorum at First Calling and was able to vote on a new slate of Directors, approve changes to their CC&Rs, and amend their Bylaws after sending out only one wave of meeting notices! Why is this significant?

“During my 38 years in the industry, this is the only time I’ve seen it happen,” said Cardinal Manager for Springhurst Theresa Hirschman. Attaining quorum at First Calling saves the Association time and money. The agenda for the meeting was set to vote on CC&R and By-Law Amendments and to elect a new slate of Board Members. In addition, all candidates, the Inspector of Elections, and the Association’s attorney and insurance agent were in attendance. What happens if not enough ballots are received or not enough owners are present to vote? All work to that date has to be completed again. Notices have to be sent to the membership again, a new meeting agenda and date have to be set, and all parties need to attend again. In some cases, if the HOA is still unsuccessful after several attempts, the Board may petition the court to approve the amendment. If this route is available to the Board, it would drive up costs for attorney fees and court costs. The Association’s legal counsel would need to advise the Board if this option is available.

Using Pilera, a software program created specifically for HOAs, “the Board saved time and money not having to go through the processes of second and third calling,” said Hirschman.

Congratulations to Springhurst Board President Deb Kohls and Directors Mark Kohls, Robert Strichart, Gail Pawson, and Scott Dieter. “It was very much a team effort,” said Deb Kohls. “Also, Gail Harriman and DJ Englert helped the Inspector of Elections count votes and help us get out the vote.”

The Directors set the goal of attaining quorum at First Calling and worked diligently to make it happen. Using the new HOA-wide email blast software, the Board sent Town Hall and Annual Meeting notices several times, made phone calls, and went door to door reminding all residents of the meeting as well as its purpose and importance to the Association.

The Town Hall meeting was a success and residents were engaged. To aid in drawing residents to this critical Annual Meeting, the Board sponsored a raffle awarding a $200 assessment credit to two lucky random winners. “Software that is specific to homeowners associations is constantly being developed,” said Farrah Esquer. “Cardinal keeps up to date on developments of this nature to help our clients help themselves.”